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Hosting Glossary
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Access Logs

Records data about visitors to a site including their location, browser, number of visits, etc. Logs are invaluable tools that help understand site traffic.



A web server that is widely used on the internet. Open source server which is in public domain. Can run on UNIX, Windows, as well as other platforms and provides SSL, CGI, and virtual domains.


Anonymous FTP

Stands for: Anonymous File Transfer Protocol. It allows access to site file storage with one set of credentials. Facilitates easy distribution of data/downloads. Widely used by those who need to distribute data for widespread or public use.



A script designed to send an email response automatically when an incoming email is received. These are typically user-designed messages. The incoming mail that initiates this autoresponder is stored in the inbox as usual.



Also: data transfer. Refers to the amount of information transferred from or to a website/server within a specific time period. Measured in bytes. Amount of data accessed on a website whenever someone accesses it and views text, sounds, images, videos, etc. More page views mean more bandwidth.


Control Panel

Also: cPanel. An interface used for managing any web hosting service. Includes important functions like uploading files, rebooting the server, and viewing key analytics for the site. Also allows you to make necessary changes to your account details.



Information stored by a web browser from a web server. Usually stored on your hard drive. When the user requests a page stored on that server, this information is sent back to the web server.



Stands for Common Gateway Interface. A program that enables communication between a script and a web page.



Stands for: Cascading Style Sheets. Rules for displaying some elements contained in a HTML Page. Enables easy control of all design elements on a page or throughout the site using a single file.



Organized collection of data that enables easy search and sort. Structured set of data stored in a computer that can be accessed in many different ways.


Dedicated Server

A powerful web hosting option that is ideal for sites that require very large amounts of memory/disk-space. A single computer in the network is reserved for a single account and the user has greater control over his website. This user has access to all resources on the machine. Usually this is a rented service where the user pays for the server, internet connection, as well as software provided by a web host. In general, dedicated server is more expensive than a basic web hosting service and only big businesses opt for this.


Disk Space

Storage space allocated to your data files by your web hosting provider. HTML files, images, videos, graphics, email messages, audio files, and any other files that are part of the site can be stored within this allocated space. Disk space status can be verified using the control panel. Sites hosting user files and videos may need large amounts of disk space.



Internet database service that converts IP address to the domain name. This name server keeps a database of IP addresses and related domain names. Enables users to locate and visit a site using an easy-to-remember, logical website name instead of a long numerical IP address.


Domain Name

An alias for the numerical IP address that makes logical sense for the user. Domain names are converted into the IP address by the DNS. Every domain belongs to a hierarchy that links Top-Level Domain and sub domains.


E-mail Forwarding

The operation/act of sending received emails to a different email account. The new/alternate email account is specified by the user. Email forwarding takes place as soon as e-mail is received in the primary account. Enables easy management and interlinking of multiple email accounts.



A popular website authoring and creation tool from Microsoft. It is a graphical editor used for designing web pages in Windows and Mac.


FrontPage Extensions

Language used with Microsoft FrontPage to build the website. Enables users to create complex websites that can support interactive communication with end users.



Stands for: File Transfer Protocol, a standard internet protocol. Enables transfer of files between two computers linked by the internet. Facilitates uploading and downloading data from a website. FTP is used by the website owner to upload necessary files to the server.



Stands for: Gigabyte. Equals 1024 MB (Megabytes).



Stands for: Internet Message Access Protocol. Protocol using which e-mail messages on the server can be accessed remotely. Different tools like Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook may be used to access the emails.


IP Address

Stands for: Internet Protocol Address. This is the numerical address that identifies a computer on the internet. This unique number is allocated by an Internet Service Provider (ISP).



Stands for: Kilobyte. Equal to 1024 bytes.



Stands for: Megabyte. Equal to 1024 KB (kilobytes).



A popular open source relational database management system on the Internet used by most Unix-based servers.



Stands for: Practical Extraction and Report language. A high-level programming language that uses syntax like C/C++. Used to create scripts for web server.



Stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. A HTML embedded language for web scripting. Output is typically in the form of HTML code that the browser can read. A very commonly used server-side programming language.



Stands for: Post Office Protocol. Enables download of email to desktop. Allows users to manage emails with other user applications like MS Outlook, even when offline.



A computer that provides data to a collection of other computers and has been designed to accept connections over Internet. May provide data over LAN or WAN. There are different types of servers and each runs the software that helps it function optimally. For example, a server running Apache HTTP Server facilitates internet access.


Setup Fee

Fee paid by user/website owner for the installation and initiation of web hosting.


Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting is a cheaper option as compared to dedicated hosting. Here, one server has multiple segments that act like virtual machines. The same pool of resources is shared by all segments.


Shopping Cart Software

Software to manage a 'shopping cart' on a website that users can add to, delete from, and manage when buying items from the virtual store during a single session. E-commerce sites need shopping cart software to facilitate user transactions.



Stands for: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. SMTP protocol enables the sending and receiving of e-mails using Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, or other mail user agents.



Stands for: Structured Query Language. Also pronounced SEQUEL. Programming/query language that helps manage database operations. Using SQL, users can access and manage data easily.



Stands for: Server Side Includes. Server side language used extensively for web scripting. System that assists in updating of content to web sites. Can be used to create modular content.


Static (Dedicated) IP Address

Permanent unchanging IP address. This IP address is mapped to the site that has this numerical address. In this case, the IP address and domain name are interchangeable.



A segment of web domain that the web server handles separately. This is a discrete division of the domain.



Time during which a site. computer, or machine is in operation or is available for use (or browsing, in case of websites).



A multi-user operating system that is the basis for many other operating systems like Linux, Mac, BSD, and Solaris. Most web hosting services employ UNIX systems. Often used as master control programs where resources are shared among terminals.


Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Hosting solution where all users get one share aof the system’s total available resources.


Virtual Web Hosting

Hosting option where multiple users get a share of the same machine resources.


Web-based E-mail

Special interface enabling access to mail and facilitating mail management using a web browser. Users whose web host supports this do not need mail agents like MS Outlook to manage email.


Web Statistics

Statistical data and analytics that reveal how various users connect to a website and how they use the resources provided onsite.

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