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Hostgator Web Hosting Review
Hostgator Web Hosting Review

Hostgator is one among the leading web hosting providers on the internet. Almost all hosting review websites have hostgator in their top ten listing. Established in the year 2002 hostgator is a privately owned company. They shot to success through their dedicated customer friendliness which drew many accolades from the customers. Hostgator is also one among the few service providers which offers dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting plan is cheaper at hostgator, but the quality of service is equally good as that of their shared hosting. Customer support is highly dedicated and prompt and rises to the occasion when and where something goes wrong.

Reliability and Performance
Reliability and performance is key in hosting. Customers know what it means when a site goes offline and so does hostgator. An outage might simply means a revenue loss ranging million dollars for some to few dollars for others. So it is highly important to have a good hosting. The reliability factor that has to be considered includes good customer/technical support. This is important because internet is highly dynamic and unpredictable. It’s not necessary that the outage happens entirely because of the server issue. But for identifying the cause of outage one might be able to clarify it from the server support team. Over the years hostgator has maintained the guaranteed uptime of 99.9% through out. High speed servers and cutting edge technology updates at the data center has helped the company to grow beyond leaps and bounds to compete with the best in the industry. 

Value for Money
Hostgator provides one of the cheaper plans among the dedicated hosting providers. Dedicated servers are made available in four different options to choose from namely basic, standard, elite and pro. The plans are priced at $174, $219, $279 and $374 respectively. The set up is provided free across the plans. What differentiates one plan from other is the server configuration and the dedicated ip offered. 10 ip addresses are provided for all plans except that of basic plan which is offered 5 ip addresses. In a basic plan the server is equipped with Pentium 4 2.4Ghz processor, DDR Memory1024mb along with a bandwidth allocation of 1500gb. If you opt for a standard plan you are offered Dual-Core 3040 Xeon (Conroe) processor, 1024mb DDR memory and 1500gb bandwidth. What makes elite plan superior to that of standard and elite plans is its increased bandwidth allocation and DDR memory. In the elite plan you will get Dual-Core 3040 Xeon (Conroe) processor, 4096mb DDR memory and 2500gb bandwidth. Pro is the best dedicated plan available from hostgator. The ultra high speed processor Quad-Core 3210 Xeon (Kentsfield) is what makes it superior to the elite plan. All of these plans are designed to provide great performance and are offered at prices cheaper than many others in the industry. Since they are big hostgator can afford to offer cheap rates for their customers and this remains on of their best selling points. There are still other exclusive features which offers to pay back your money invested.

Control panel comes equipped with features such as fantastico, soholaunch, hotlink protection, IP Deny manager, custom error pages, instant PHP nuke, instant chat room, instant forum, instant guest book, instant counter, instant form mail, redirect url, web based file manger, password protected directories and PHPmyadmin. You will get access to the WHM panel which is the highest level of control to a server through its back end.

Customer Service
Hostgator has an award winning customer support team. The efficiency is unmatched for and is un-outsourced. The in-house customer support provides for a higher level of coordination and can solve any issues regarding your hosting with least possible time and this increases the efficiency. 24/7 technical support is available in three different modes namely chat support, telephone support and mail support. We found the response through all these means to be very prompt and to the point.

Editor's Take

Customer service and technical support being the key factors in dedicated hosting, one could easily vouch for hostgator as they have one of the best technical support team. The plans are Ideal for all those who are planning to make it really big on the internet.

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